Rotary Unions SCS Series

SCS Series 1-Passage Rotary Unions & Joints

SCS Series 1-Passage Rotary Unions & Joints
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*Some applications using Chemical media may require alternative sealing materials. Please consult with DSTI for approval.

The single passage SCS Series rotary unions feature hygienic, tri-clamp ferrule connections, food grade seals and bearing lubricant, and a FDA-approved design for use with CIP (Clean-in-Place) systems.

To help minimize fluid stagnation points, smooth flow lines are engineered into the design to allow a clear passage for fluid. Specialized bearings fit inside a sealed chamber to keep lubricants in and contaminants out.

The all-stainless steel SCS Series utilize high performance DSTI sealing technology and are available with ASME-BPE connections. If needed, DSTI can make modifications to meet each application's specific requirements including changes to the SCS Series mounting configuration, connections, sealing system, and housing or shaft dimensions. See options.


Part # Connection Passage Size Diameter Length Through Bore Min. Torque* Part Downloads Information
SCS-605010 [SCSM-605010]3/4" Type A ASME-BPE []0.620" [16.0 mm]2.690" [68.3 mm]3.950" [100.2 mm]None10 in-lbs [1.13 Nm] Get Quote
SCS-606010 [SCSM-606010]1" Type A ASME-BPE []0.870" [20.0 mm]3.440" [87.4 mm]4.100" [104.0 mm]None25 in-lbs [2.82 Nm] Get Quote
SCS-608010 [SCSM-608010]1.5" Type B ASME-BPE []1.372" [32.0 mm]4.440" [112.8 mm]4.640" [117.9 mm]None40 in-lbs [4.52 Nm] Get Quote
SCS-609010 [SCSM-609010]2" Type B ASME-BPE []1.870" [50.0 mm]5.440" [138.2 mm]4.990" [126.7 mm]None60 in-lbs [6.78 Nm] Get Quote
SCS-610010 [SCSM-610010]2.5" Type B ASME-BPE []2.370" [66.0 mm]6.690" [169.9 mm]5.610" [142.4 mm]None140 in-lbs [15.82 Nm] Get Quote
SCS-611010 [SCSM-611010]3" Type B ASME-BPE []2.870" [81.0 mm]7.940" [201.7 mm]6.810" [173.1 mm]None220 in-lbs [24.86 Nm] Get Quote
SCS-613010 [SCSM-613010]4" Type B ASME-BPE []3.830" [100.0 mm]8.940" [227.1 mm]7.430" [188.8 mm]None340 in-lbs [38.41 Nm] Get Quote

*Minimum torque required to rotate based on zero pressure with Oil/Hydraulic media (or Air/Gas media for SPS Series). Required torque to rotate may be greater when using other media types or dry running. For specific torque requirements, please contact DSTI to discuss your application.

Technical Specifications

Maximum Pressure 200 PSI [15 BAR]
Maximum Speed 500 RPM
Maximum Vacuum 24 HG
Temperature Range 0° F to 220° F [-18° C to 105° C]
Suitable Media* Air/Gas, Chemical, DI/Tap Water, Food-Grade, Water/Glycol
Connection Type ASME-BPE
SCS Series Rotary Unions - Housing Material
Housing: Material (Plating/Coating) Stainless Steel
SCS Series Rotary Unions - Shaft Material
Shaft: Material (Plating/Coating) Stainless Steel (TDC)

*Some applications using Chemical media may require alternative sealing materials. Please consult with DSTI for approval. All values listed under Technical Specifications are dependent on a combination of all application parameters. Please note operational life is dependent upon both rotational speed and duty cycle. Contact DSTI if your application requires operating close to the maximum rotational speed with a continuous duty cycle. Applications with temperatures above 220° F (105° C) require alternative seal materials. The use of Water media with temperatures above 212° F (100° C) require alternative seal materials. Please consult with DSTI regarding your specific application requirements.

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Available Custom Modifications for SCS Series Rotary Unions

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Custom Electrical Slip Rings for SCS Series Rotary Unions

Custom Slip Ring Integration

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