DSTI is at the forefront in high performance custom fluid sealing solutions for the world's most challenging applications.

Between our proven technology and long-term experience working with highly complex applications, we aim to achieve our customers' project goals - reducing costs, increasing efficiency, and decreasing risks.

Our core business segments are fluid rotary unions, electrical slip rings, and value-added products and services providing a single-source solution from design and manufacturing through to testing and qualification - all under one roof. We are located in North America and Europe with a team of distribution partners and technical support specialists worldwide.

We Are DSTI - Company Core Values

We believe strongly in hiring people whose personal philosophies align with our five core values.

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We are passionate about creating a better world and believe it's all about enjoying what you do, having fun while doing it and celebrating the wins

Core Value: We Enjoy What We Do

We love getting things done and execute strategically, fearlessly and efficiently to create success for our customers, our team and ourselves

Core Value: We Get Results

We take an optimistic and "can-do" approach to the opportunities and challenges we face

Core Value: We Are Open-Minded

We learn from everything we do and move with speed and agility to innovate, evolve and adapt as necessary to maximize impact

Core Value: We Seek Progress

Win or lose, we trust and support each other, find agreement and work together as one

Core Value: We Are One Team
  • Name: Rhianna - DSTI Department: Human Resources
    RhiannaHuman Resources
  • Name: Rob - DSTI Department: Machining
  • Name: Todd - DSTI Department: Machining
  • Name: Troy - DSTI Department: Administration
  • Name: Mark - DSTI Department: Engineering
  • Name: Dan - DSTI Department: Engineering
  • Name: Tom - DSTI Department: Machining
  • Name: Anthony - DSTI Department: Maintenance
  • Name: Greg - DSTI Department: Engineering
  • Name: Allie - DSTI Department: Engineering
  • Name: Chris - DSTI Department: Assembly & Testing
    ChrisAssembly & Testing
  • Name: Andy - DSTI Department: Technology
  • Name: Vanessa - DSTI Department: Human Resources
    VanessaHuman Resources
  • Name: Jackie - DSTI Department: Planning
  • Name: Dan - DSTI Department: Accounting
  • Name: Steve - DSTI Department: Maintenance
  • Name: Kelly - DSTI Department: Quality
  • Name: Jeff - DSTI Department: Administration
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  1. DSTI History - 2002

    DSTI Founded

    Dynamic Sealing Technologies, Inc. (DSTI) starts and launches GP series rotary unions; an industry first with standard fluid rotary union and electrical slip ring options allowing for off-the-shelf custom configurations

  2. DSTI History - 2004

    Hydrodynamic Sealing Technology

    Develops first hydrodynamic sealed fluid rotary unions for use in high speed and high pressure hydraulic applications

  3. DSTI History - 2005

    Scott Rotary Seals (SRS) Acquisition

    Acquires Scott Rotary Seals (SRS) in Olean, NY. Founded in 1960, SRS manufactures complex fluid sealing products used in a wide range of similar industrial applications to DSTI. Products include rotary timing valves (RTVs) and custom rotary unions. SRS operates as a separate division of DSTI and continues to provide its expertise in the rotary timing valve and custom rotary union markets

  4. DSTI History - 2007

    Blakeslee Technologies Inc. (BT) Acquisition

    Acquires Blakeslee Technologies Inc. (BT), founded in 2000. BT operations merge with existing operations at SRS allowing SRS to become the largest provider of RTV products worldwide

  5. DSTI History - 2008

    Relocation & Facility Expansion

    Relocates and expands global headquarters to Andover, MN, United States. Invests in improved enterprise resource planning (ERP) system

  6. DSTI History - 2010

    HVH Series Rotary Union Product Line Launch

    Launches new high flow volume HVH series rotary union standard product line

  7. DSTI History - 2011

    Facility Expansion

    Expands, adding 43,000 sq. ft. [3,995 sq. m] to its manufacturing, assembly, and testing facilities

  8. DSTI History - 2012

    10 Year Anniversary

    Celebrates company expansion and 10 year anniversary. Adds in-house welding capabilities to cover a complete range of welding services

  9. DSTI History - 2013

    Voted Top Workplace in Minnesota

    Gets named one of the Star Tribune's 2013 Top Workplaces in Minnesota

  10. DSTI History - 2014

    High Pressure Inline (HPI) Fluid Swivel Product Line Launch

    HPI product series launches; developed for complete rotation of high pressure topside and subsea flexible lines critical for offshore production operations

  11. DSTI History - 2015

    Product Load Testing Capability Expansion

    Develops advanced custom test equipment allowing for bending, load, and pressure testing on products up to 55" [139.7 mm]

  12. DSTI History - 2016

    Advanced Systems & Initiatives for Improving Safety

    Improves incident / near-miss and injury reporting and Safety Data Sheets (SDS) systems, and enhanced promotion of Behavior-Based Safety (BBS) culture

  13. DSTI History - 2018

    Cryogenic Rotary Union Launches Into Space

    Aboard SpaceX Rocket bound for International Space Station as part of NASA's Robotic Refueling Mission (RRM3)

  14. DSTI History - 2019

    Voted Top Workplace in Minnesota

    Gets named one of the Star Tribune's 2019 Top Workplaces in Minnesota

  15. DSTI History - 2020

    Protective Slip Ring Enclosure Product Line Launch

    SRPE products launched for adding protection, providing a waterproof and dustproof enclosure for capsule slip rings

  16. DSTI History - 2022

    20 Year Anniversary

    Celebrates 20 years in business


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