Rotary Unions HVH Series

HVH Series 4-Passage Rotary Unions & Joints

HVH Series 4-Passage Rotary Unions & Joints
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*Oil/Hydraulic media must be petroleum-based. Please consult with DSTI for approval.

DSTI 4-passage HVH Series rotary unions are available with either #8 or #16 SAE-ORB connections and feature independent high-flow channels suitable for vacuum and bidirectional pressures up to 5,000 PSI [345 BAR]. Designed for heavy equipment and outdoor-use applications, the heavy-duty construction consists of an alloy steel shaft, ductile iron housing and black oxide coating for improved corrosion protection.

This series is ideal for equipment that is operated in harsh, outdoor environments such as forestry, mining and construction industries.

Need to combine fluid with electrical power, signal and/or data transfer? No problem. All HVH models come with a .50" [12.7 mm] open through bore for integrating one of our standard electrical slip rings with it. See options.


Part # Connection Passage Size Diameter Length Through Bore Min. Torque* Part Downloads Information
HVH-304041 [HVHM-304041]#8 SAE-ORB []0.440" [11.176 mm]5.190" [131.826 mm]7.490" [190.246 mm]0.500" [12.7 mm]14 ft-lbs [18.98 Nm] Get Quote
HVH-306041 [HVHM-306041]#16 SAE-ORB []0.880" [22.352 mm]6.940" [176.276 mm]10.110" [256.795 mm]0.500" [12.7 mm]28 ft-lbs [37.96 Nm] Get Quote

*Minimum torque required to rotate based on zero pressure with Oil/Hydraulic media (or Air/Gas media for SPS Series). Required torque to rotate may be greater when using other media types or dry running. For specific torque requirements, please contact DSTI to discuss your application.

Technical Specifications

Maximum Pressure 5,000 PSI [345 BAR]
Maximum Speed 20 RPM
Maximum Vacuum 30 HG
Temperature Range 0° F to 220° F [-18° C to 105° C]
Suitable Media* Air/Gas, Oil/Hydraulic
Connection Type SAE-ORB
HVH Series Rotary Unions - Housing Material
Housing: Material (Plating/Coating) Ductile Iron (Black Oxide)
HVH Series Rotary Unions - Shaft Material
Shaft: Material (Plating/Coating) Alloy Steel (Black Oxide)

*Oil/Hydraulic media must be petroleum-based. Please consult with DSTI for approval. All values listed under Technical Specifications are dependent on a combination of all application parameters. Please note operational life is dependent upon both rotational speed and duty cycle. Contact DSTI if your application requires operating close to the maximum rotational speed with a continuous duty cycle. Applications with temperatures above 220° F (105° C) require alternative seal materials. The use of Water media with temperatures above 212° F (100° C) require alternative seal materials. Please consult with DSTI regarding your specific application requirements.

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Available Custom Modifications for HVH Series Rotary Unions

Custom Modifications

Easier and less expensive than you may think. We can modify our standard products to fit your project requirements.

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Electrical Slip Rings for HVH Series Rotary Unions

Electrical Slip Ring Integration

Get the complete package. We offer a wide range of electrical slip rings designed to directly integrate with our HVH Series rotary unions.

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