Case Study

Next Generation Military Vehicle Protection System

Case Study: Next Generation Military Vehicle Protection System


An improved vehicle-mounted protection system was required for use by Armed Forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. This high-tech system attaches to land combat and transportation vehicles providing enhanced protection coverage.

In order to generate power for the system using hydraulics, this type of design required a rotary union to transfer the hydraulic energy into a pressure vessel. The rotary union would need to be located in an area that required it to not only transfer the high pressure hydraulic fluid through a pivot point, but also withstand high vibration and shock as the vehicle traversed the terrain.


DSTI's solution incorporated a complete bolt-on rotary union assembly that included features for mounting and supporting the system. The rotary union's robust internal bearing system was confirmed to be suitable for system loads using FEA technology and validated in field testing to withstand extreme mechanical stress by the high pressures and loads encountered.


DSTI was able to provide a complete rotary union assembly; tested and verified in-field to achieve critical specification requirements while meeting strict delivery deadlines. To date, DSTI has delivered over 2,000 units needed to meet the project's demand.

Results Overview

  • Complete rotary union and mounting assembly allowed customer to build units quickly to keep up with demand
  • Robust internal bearing system tested and verified with FEA and field-testing to withstand all wheel loads and high shock
  • DSTI's exclusive sealing system utilized to handle high system pressures and wide temperature ranges - providing high reliability and performance
  • Modular design allows for field repair or service if needed
The success of this project was driven by your company's high level of teamwork, continually providing the diligence needed to keep this critical and time sensitive project on track. Your facility's organization and cleanliness left one of the best impressions I have ever experienced at a potential supplier visit. I left with a strong and refreshing feeling of the pride your company has for its achievements and its attention to detail. In critical engineering projects like this - detail is everything, "and the impression" I got after meeting the people behind your company - I just knew that detail would flow down into the product. I am tremendously proud of what we have achieved together and I would like to thank your team who worked collaboratively and quickly to resolve our issues and meet all on time deliveries. I have developed a deep sense of trust with your company and I feel our relationship will be long lasting, which is of the upmost importance for any partner in defense. Production Manager Military Vehicle Protection System Program

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