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& Jumper Systems

DSTI's Offshore Oil & Gas Fluid Swivel Joints & Rotary Joints for Subsea Flowline & Jumper Systems

DSTI's subsea fluid swivel products are trusted worldwide by leading oil and gas equipment manufacturers and operators.

DSTI subsea swivels allow relative rotation between flowline equipment and flowline pipe to maintain proper angular positioning during installation, therefore reducing installation time and eliminating bending moments to prevent equipment / pipe damage as subsea equipment is lowered to the sea floor.

To date, we've manufactured, tested, qualified, and delivered nearly 200 subsea swivels - reliably installed and operating in field locations worldwide.

Committed to the ever-changing challenges of offshore oil and gas development, we've made significant and ongoing investments including capacity manufacturing and custom pressure and load test equipment for testing products up to 55” [1400 mm] in diameter, bending loads up to 3 million ft-lbs [4100 kNm] and tensional loads up to 3.1 million lbf [13900 kN].


  • Subsea Tree Connections
  • Production Manifold Connections
  • Free Standing Hybrid Risers (FSHR)
  • In-Line T Connections
  • Pipeline End Termination (PLET) Connections
  • Pipeline End Manifold (PLEM) Connections

Technical Specifications

Working Pressures Up To 15,000+ PSI
Installation Depths To 3,500+ Meters
Bore Sizes Ranging From 2" to 16"+
Qualified to API 17D, 6A & Petrobras Requirements
DSTI Fluid Sealing Solutions for Subsea FLowline & Jumper Systems
  • Metal-To-Metal Sealing System
  • Designs Suitable For High Temperature / High Pressure (HTHP) Applications
  • Designed To Be Operated by ROV
  • Specialized Bearing Design To Absorb Bending Moments & Loads
  • Torsion Resistance Solutions While Swivel Is Energized
  • Available In API Flange / Hub, Grayloc & Other Connections
  • Variety Of Materials To Meet Project Requirements
  • Complete Solutions Available Including ROV Panels, Hot Stabs, Bulk Head Fittings, & Others


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