Metal Production Coil Processing

DSTI's Metal Production Fluid Rotary Unions for Coil Processing Equipment

We provide fluid rotary unions and rotating cylinders for expanding and collapsing uncoilers / recoilers used in processing lines for hot and cold rolling operations.

DSTI's heavy-duty hydraulic rotary union and rotating cylinder products provide reliable solutions for slitting lines, cut-to-length, cross cutting, roll forming, galvanizing lines, and pickling lines.

Developed for pneumatics, hydraulics, and other media services, we offer standard in-stock and custom products with options for integrating electronic feedback devices (positioning sensors) and hydraulic cylinder assemblies for a complete rotary cylinder solution.


  • Uncoiler / Recoiler Expanding Mandrels
  • Hot / Cold Rolling Coiler Mandrels
  • Pneumatic Winding Machine Grippers

Technical Specifications

High Speed Designs (1,000+ RPM)
High Pressure Capability (5,000+ PSI)
Specialized Dynamic Sealing System
DSTI's Metal Production Fluid Rotary Unions for Expanding Mandrels
  • Wide Range of Bore Sizes & Mounting (Flange) Options
  • Heavy-Duty Construction Built for Demanding Environments
  • Sealing System Designed for Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Coolant & Other Media Types
  • Position Sensors & Other Electrical Slip Ring Integration Available

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