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DSTI Donates 3,400 Pounds to NACE Foodshelf This Holiday Season

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. - November 26, 2014 - With the holiday season fast approaching, DSTI employees set out with a goal to brighten the spirits of those seeking a helping hand during this tough time of need.

Employees participated in a food drive and far surpassed their original goal in just a short span of two weeks by collecting over 3,400 pounds of food and clothing.

"During the holiday distribution I saw the smile on the face of a boy as he looked at his dad and said, 'We get a turkey?', and the grin on a man's face as he said, 'Thanks' for his bag of potatoes," said Shana Schmitz, Outreach Director at NACE Foodshelf.

"I want to thank DSTI for helping spread the smiles this holiday season," Schmitz added.

"This comes at a good time of year - before the holidays, and I'm really proud of our employees who helped make this possible." says Jeff Meister, president of DSTI.

"Building a better community continues to be a big part of DSTI's culture. Next year, we're setting our sights on breaking the 4,000 pound mark," Meister said.

About NACE The North Anoka County Emergency Foodshelf (NACE) provides food and clothing to families in crisis in North Anoka County, including East Bethel, Ham Lake, Bethel, Cedar, St. Francis, Oak Grove, Linwood and parts of Andover, Stacy and Wyoming.

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