Assembly, Testing & Qualification

All products are assembled and tested by DSTI's team of trained technicians using custom designed testing equipment and test procedures.

We've successfully executed programs including large, complex assemblies for subsea oil and gas, defense and aerospace applications.

DSTI's Assembly and Test team is dedicated to delivering high-performance verified products and finished assemblies using strict processes and procedures. We design and develop assembly processes, tools and fixtures to meet each project's requirements for assembly and testing including detailed reporting, global-accessible live test data, and third-party verification. Our in-house testing and qualification capabilities including temperature, environmental, shock, vibration, pressure, load, torque, and flow testing.


  • Detailed Testing Procedures & Data Reports with Documentation Records
  • Performance Verification Testing (PVT)
  • Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT)
  • Full Data Acquisition With Real-Time Uploading
  • Custom-Tailored Product Installation & Rebuild Documentation


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