Custom Rotary Union Project: UF-1260003

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  • Industry: Aerospace
    Media Type(s): Other
    Environment: Atmosphere / Space
    Material: Stainless Steel, Other
    Max. Pressure(s): 1 PSI [0 BAR]
    Max. Speed: 50 RPM
  • Number of Passages: 3
    Passage Size(s): .125" [3.2 mm], .250" [6.4 mm]
    Through Bore: None
    Diameter: 3.130" [79.5 mm]
    Length: 1.720" [43.7 mm]


3-passage rotary union designed to supply sterile fluid to a bioreactor for 3D printing artificially constructed devices designed for organ replacement on the International Space Station. Features include a custom, leak-free sealing system designed for stringent standards required to prevent media contamination and endurance testing for an autoclave environment for sterilization purposes.

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