Custom Rotary Union Project: QB-1410005

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  • Industry: Factory Automation, Machine Tool
    Media Type(s): Gas, Other
    Environment: Indoor
    Material: Aluminum, Carbon / Alloy Steel
    Max. Pressure(s): 80 PSI [6 BAR]
    Max. Speed: 250 RPM
  • Number of Passages: 5
    Passage Size(s): 2.190" [55.6 mm], .250" [6.4 mm]
    Through Bore: .35" [8.9 mm]
    Diameter: 6.94" [176.3 mm]
    Length: 16.10" [408.9 mm]


5-passage rotary union designed to transfer air and a water-based lubricant to an industrial saw while processing paper products. Features include an electrical slip ring.

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