Custom Rotary Union Project: BM-1870101

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  • Industry: Factory Automation, Food & Beverage
    Media Type(s): Gas
    Environment: Indoor
    Material: Aluminum, Stainless Steel
    Max. Pressure(s): 35 PSI [2 BAR]
    Max. Speed: 250 RPM
  • Number of Passages: 1
    Passage Size(s): 1.000" [25.4 mm], .160" [4.1 mm]
    Through Bore: None
    Diameter: 2.44" [62 mm]
    Length: 3.75" [95.3 mm]


Single-passage rotary union used on the end of a fluid dispensing piston that sprays a water-based compound to line the inside of metal can lids. The rotary union provides air to the system and does not come in contact with the liquid media. This is possible due to its unique design that allows the equipment's shaft to run through the rotary union.

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