Offshore Oil & Gas Solutions Flexible Moon Pool
Drape Hoses

DSTI's Offshore Oil & Gas Fluid Swivel Joints & Rotary Joints for High Pressure Flexible Moon Pool Drape Hoses

DSTI's field-proven, high pressure inline (HPI) moon pool drape hose fluid swivels are utilized worldwide to extend the life of rig hoses by reducing torsional loads and stress.

Trusted by leading oil and gas equipment manufacturers and operators, DSTI's HPI moon pool hose fluid swivels are utilized in topside and subsea applications where flexible hoses (jumpers) are susceptible to stress and torsion from equipment installation, production, ocean currents and other environment conditions.

Unlike many competitors, DSTI's swivels allow drape hoses and other flexible hoses to rotate at low-torque, even at full operating pressures - extending hose service life, therefore saving time and money from unplanned repair and downtime.

DSTI's swivels are engineered based on project application requirements and qualified to API 6A, 16C, and 17D. The compact design offers reduced weight with heavy-duty internal bearings to support hose loads and are operational for sour service in accordance with NACE MR1075.


  • Moon Pool Drape Lines
  • Choke & Kill Lines
  • Mud Lines
  • Control Lines
  • Hydraulic Lines
  • Cement Lines
  • Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD)

Technical Specifications

Working Pressures Up To 15,000+ PSI
Bore Sizes Ranging From 1" to 6"+
Suitable For Topside & Subsea Environments
Designed & Qualified to API 6A, 16C & 17D
DSTI's Offshore Oil & Gas Fluid Swivel Joints & Rotary Joints for High Pressure Flexible Hoses
  • Designed For Low Torque Across Entire Pressure Range
  • Designed For Sour Service In Accordance With NACE MR0175
  • Pressure & Load Tested To Verify Optimum Performance
  • Exclusive DSTI High Pressure Dual Sealing Technology
  • Capable Of Handling A Wide Range Of Bore Fluids
  • Corrosion Resistant Alloy (CRA) Overlay In All Sealing Areas
  • 3rd Party Design Approvals Available As Required
  • Available In API Flange/Hub, Grayloc & Other Connections


High Pressure Flexible Hose Swivels


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