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DSTI's Fluid Rotary Swivels for Onshore & Offshore Wind Turbines

With over 2,000 blade pitch control rotary unions in service, DSTI's field-proven designs deliver the highest performance for both onshore and offshore environments.

Today's leading wind turbine manufacturers demand reliable, high-performance components capable of operating continuously in the toughest environments, often in remote locations, where maintenance is difficult and cost-intensive.

DSTI's fluid rotary unions for hydraulic blade pitch control systems deliver dependable hydraulic power to blade actuators for greater productivity and less maintenance-related downtime - translating to significantly reducing operation and maintenance costs.


  • Blade Pitch Control Systems
  • Hydraulic Actuation Systems
  • Hydraulic Gearbox Systems
  • Testing & Manufacturing Development

Technical Specifications

High Pressure, Multiple Passage Designs
Long Life, Maintenance Free Hydrodynamic Seal Technology
Low Rotational Torque, Ideal for Continuous Duty
Electrical Slip Ring & Fiber Optic Rotary Joint Integration
DSTI's Fluid Rotary Swivels for Onshore & Offshore Wind Turbines
  • Direct Integration into Customer Equipment
  • High & Low Temperature Capabilities
  • Low Heat Generation
  • Material Options Including Specialized Stainless Steel for Offshore Environments
  • Non-Contacting Sealing Action Provides Excellent Wear Resistance


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