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DSTI's Fluid Rotary Joints for Hydroelectric Power

Delivering power to adjustable turbine blades for optimal velocity flow in both high and low water levels.

Designed for hydropower environments, DSTI's proven rotary unions (joints) are engineered for continuous and reliable operation providing supply and return hydraulic power to blade actuators for adjusting pitch to adapt to flow conditions. Integrated with electrical slip rings and positioning sensors, DSTI's rotary unions can provide precise and reliable position feedback in addition to fluid transfer.


  • Kaplan Turbines
  • Adjustable Propeller Blade Turbines
  • Variable Pitch Turbines

Technical Specifications

Long Life, Maintenance Free Hydrodynamic Seal Technology
High Pressure, Multiple Passage Designs
Low Rotational Torque, Ideal for Continuous Duty
Designed for Direct Integration into Existing Equipment
DSTI's Blade Pitch Fluid Rotary Joints for Kaplan Turbines
  • High Speed (3000+ RPM) Sealing Technology
  • Corrosion Resistant Material & Plating Options
  • Integrated Electrical Slip Ring & Positioning Sensor Options for Electronic Feedback Data

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